Doe Deere: A Well-Rounded Makeup Genius

Doe Deere is a highly acclaimed beauty expert. She’s constructed a vast makeup empire all by herself as well. People all around the planet are familiar with this Russian native who lives in Los Angeles, California at the moment. Deere has a wonderful position as the head of a widely known cosmetics brand that’s called Lime Crime. Lime Crime has been a big force in the beauty universe for several years now. Deere doesn’t only work as the head of this makeup company. That’s because she’s also actually the person who set it up in the first place. People who are enthusiastic about vitality often turn to Lime Crime’s exciting offerings. The same goes for people who are eager about brightness and radiance. People who wish to turn heads with eyeshadows in striking and unforgettable colors often can’t go wrong with Lime Crime’s large and varied product selection. Lime Crime is also a popular company among people who appreciate striking and deep lipstick colors. Individuals who crave deep red pouts that are reminiscent of the styles of decades past frequently flock to Lime Crime.


There’s no disputing the fact that Doe Deere leads a hectic and jam-packed daily lifestyle. It isn’t easy to run a beauty brand on your own. Although Deere indeed has assistance from talented and dependable staff members, it’s never easy to be a company CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Deere is the stunning face behind Lime Crime. She’s the individual who spends hours and hours each day thinking about new product possibilities. Deere is constantly thinking about nails, eyes, lips and beyond. She has a passion for coming up with new and inventive ways to help her followers look their best at all times.


Deere wakes up bright and early each morning at 8:30AM or so. She never needs the help of an alarm clock, however. Her body generally rises unprompted at that time. She enjoys getting plenty of sleep no matter what. She doesn’t feel happy unless she gets nine relaxing and uninterrupted hours. Doe is the type of person who always puts a lot of time into self-care. She’s not someone who ever neglects herself. She makes sure she drinks a lot of H20 on a daily basis. She does whatever she can to protect her delicate complexion from the hazards of air that’s excessively dry. Immoderate air dryness is a big issue for people who live in Los Angeles, after all


Deere has many morning activities and practices that help her get ready to seize the day. She likes to put her makeup on meticulously. She feels great when her makeup is flawless and neat. She has a great time listening to quality music in the morning. Her preferred morning music is The Beatles. She’s been crazy about the legendary British band ever since she was a wee youngster. Deere also has a penchant for leisurely breakfasts. She loves nothing more than savoring hot grits in the morning. She adores orange juice as well.

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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Adam Milstein Talks to Ideamench

In the world today, there is incredible racial tension, and that includes worldwide anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein is a Jewish-American who grew up in Haifa Israel and stands for the Jewish people in America. Mr. Milstein is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist living in central California who touches the world.


Mr. Milstein is a loyal supporter of Israel, and he served in the Israeli Army as all male citizens are required to do. When he had completed his term, he attended Technion and graduated with a Business degree in 1978.


Adam is determined and persistent in life in general, and he wanted more education, so he moved his family to California. For the next two years, Adam attended the University of Southern California and graduated with an MBA in Entrepreneurship in 1983. He immediately began using his education as he and his friend, Chris Hager, founded Hager Pacific Properties as a real estate brokerage that focused on Commercial Real Estate. In recent years, Adam moved into investment realty.


Real Estate Broker at Hager Pacific Properties


Adam Milstein is the firm’s managing partner, and he told Ideamensh that he finds real estate interesting with its exciting ups and downs. After several years, he realized that when he included philanthropic ventures in his everyday work, it became more satisfying.


Mr. Milstein has used his education as an entrepreneur to found organizations that benefit the heritage of Jewish-Americans while also contributing to the community as a whole. Adam Milstein is a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, leading in national expansion, and he and his wife Gila are co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which provides books in Hebrew and also teaches Jewish values to Israeli-Jewish-American families in the U.S.


Mr. Milstein also sits on the Board of seven other organizations; StandWithUs; the Israel on Campus Coalition, the Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, the Hasbara Fellowships, the AIPAC National Council and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, so his involvement is established and with his active career and desire to help others in philanthropy, he will undoubtedly establish more.

How to Get Personal Cyber Security

Microsoft is fed up with ransomware hacks but they need the help of governments, customers, and businesses to deal with the problem. They want people to stop using Windows XP to help prevent attacks.

When a computer gets infected, it usually stems form two preexisting problems. One is from opening the wrong file or clicking on the wrong link and the other is the software running that doesn’t have the proper security.

There’s not much that Microsoft can do other than enhancing their systems to scan for signs of bad content and since users can click on virtually anything, it’s hard to protect against threats.

The best defense is to switch to more secure software that is better equipped to resist ransomware attacks. Since XP is not very secure, Microsoft is advising against using it in the first place.

Microsoft’s biggest challenge is to stop governments from using the weak points of Windows for offensive tactics.

Rubica is a competent team that is doing all that they can to protect you from cyber attacks.

Simply download the Rubica app and they will handle all the rest. Rubica prevents those trying to gain your personal info for their benefit and gain.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Might Catch Amazon this Year

In order for any company to catch Amazon in the online apparel niche, they will need to be selling millions upon millions of dollars worth of goods. With hundreds and thousands of competitors in this niche, Amazon is still taking a staggering 20 percent of all the sales in this one space. That means the others have to scratch and claw for the remaining sales. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics doesn’t seem content on grabbing those remaining sales, and in only three short years has already amassed sales toppling $250 million in women’s workout clothing and apparel.


Hudson talks openly about her success and her athleisure brand. The two key components to the company making all that money comes down to reverse showrooming and a very rewarding store membership program. To see these two in action, first we have to peek in at the Fabletics stores in the local malls, where women of all sizes and ages are lined up to get their hands on the active-wear. What makes this shopping experience different for women is there is no sales pressure from the store associates, customers can browse the racks, try on everything in the store, even take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz.


When these shoppers eventually visit the Fablectics e-commerce store, things really take on a whole new look. Part of the perks of membership include everything you wore in the store being uploaded to your online account. If the yoga pants or tank tops fit at the store in the mall, now you can scan the huge online inventory for new colors, styles, or new arrivals, based on the size that you know already fits you. Eliminating that concern of clothing fitting is part of the reason these shoppers literally are filling up the online shopping carts.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has discovered a way to pamper their customers right out of the gate. Not only can they shop the huge online inventory without stress, they get free shipping on every online order, discounted membership prices, and even the help of their very own personal shopping assistant. based on your quiz answers, your assistant picks one item a month for you to consider, but no pressure to buy. If Amazon is not looking over their shoulders, they may discover that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is closing the gap and eventually going to pass the online retail giant by giving female customers exactly what they always wanted in a shopping experience.

OSI Group: The Leading Food Solutions Company

OSI Group is an American food processing company with its headquarters in Aurora Illinois. The company was founded in 1909 and has been in operation for over a century now. The company has a global outreach with branches in over 17 countries. It has over twenty thousand employees in its over 65 facilities in America, Europe, and Asia.

The company is well known for its world class provision of quality custom products in the food industry. Many food companies can count on OSI Group to provide them with superior food solutions to their complex food processing and development needs. The company offers a broad range of custom foods ranging from meat, fruits, vegetables, seafood and other proteins.

OSI Group drives operational competence throughout its global network through its highly qualified and motivated employees, who communicate innovative ideas, delivering best-in-class solutions and sharing the best practices to its global clientele. The company’s network has the best culinary means, product development abilities and the infrastructure to process the food as per customer needs.

As a global food provider and leader in food solutions, OSI Group provides concept-to-table food solutions to consumers by partnering with other food service providers and retail food brands. With its capital base and infrastructure the company offers its clients the abilities to the source, produce, develop and distribute the food to the final consumer around the globe.

One of OSI Group’s success factor is it believes on the contribution of the employees towards the success of the company. The company sets challenging but attainable goals and provides the employees with the proper environment that is stimulating, challenging and with good rewards aimed towards achieving the set goals. This, in turn, leads to the success of the company as the employees are highly motivated.

The company employs a diverse, innovative and dedicated workforce which is committed to offering cutting edge food solutions. The company does not discriminate employees on race, religion nor where one comes from but employs people with passion, drive and who are innovative and share the belief that they can make a difference.

OSI Group strives to create a positive impact in the society. It is engaged in several CSR activities across the world. It endeavors to maintain sustainable and profitable relations with the various stakeholders in where they operate.

How Sweetgreen Became the Top Fresh Restaurant Today

Organic and fresh are two words that all legacy restaurants want to have in their review description. Sweetgreen, an high-end restaurant across many locations, is able to say that and add to that, the fact that they are financially backed by investors that are well known in the industry. With 40 locations, they have found that perfect position within their category of business. This is why.


Quoted as saying that he is creating a brand that “stands for something,” co-CEO Nathaniel Ru has always wanted to keep it fresh. His goal to make it better all around is just one part of what makes him the great business person that he is.


Technology Applications


Nathaniel Ru began the company brand with a heart for technology. Knowing that the future was in mobile applications for sales and business transactions, Ru began early with its integration in everyday profits. Learn more:




Nathaniel Ru didn’t stop there. His management strategies for Sweetgreen have been the focus of his company five times a year. He closes the corporate offices for everyone to have a day to work on location in his restaurants. This is done in an effort to connect to the customers better. The goal was to make sure that the corporate employees are better connected to the real day-to-day activities. This hands-on approach is one that began years ago at Georgetown. He studied at Georgetown University where he learned all about being a superior entrepreneur. His co-CEO Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet both has the same drive as himself, from being first-generation immigrants.


How it All Began


These dreamers began their company while at Georgetown after noticing a shocking lack of quality healthy food options. They opened their first restaurant in 2007 immediately after graduating from Georgetown. It’s easy to so how Nathaniel Ru was going to be in the exact category of fresh food restaurants that he always desired. The best companies today began like Sweetgreen did. There was a need, and Ru figured out how to fill that need. His Sweetgreen chain of restaurants matched the name to the fullest. It is definitively a sweet thing to realize the dream of not only offering some of the freshest food in the industry, but also offering the full circle completion of a life goal for success. Learn more:




How Dick DeVos Wants To Change The Educational System

Charitable giving is something that everyone knows is a great thing to do. Although we know how important and good it is to do, so few people actually do it. Whether it’s through giving money or time, getting involved in charitable work and philanthropic work, so rarely happens. Dick DeVos is shattering that statement by having donated over $139 million dollars and investing time in charitable work over the course of his life. With the help of his wife, Betsey DeVos, Dick DeVos has been able to give a large amount of money to help other people.


A main focus for Dick DeVos in his charitable giving is education. He has spent a good portion of his charitable giving on educational causes. In 2015 he spent over 20% of his charitable giving just on educational charities. Dick DeVos wants to change the fact that kids in certain areas of the country cannot receive the same level of education as other children. He wants to create resources that allow all children to have the same educational opportunities as others. Through his charitable giving, he hopes to be able to change education so that all children receive the same opportunities.


Dick DeVos realizes that not all children learn the same way. He also realizes that schools are designed to cater to the mass majority, which means some children can get left behind and their education can suffer. A goal of Dick DeVos is that through his giving and investment in education there can be a change made. This change would mean that all children can be helped and taught effectively. Dick DeVos knows that the teachers and people involved in this system are doing an amazing and hard job, but he dos belief that more can be done.


Although it is obvious through his giving that he has made education important, it goes far beyond just money. Dick DeVos is the vice-chairman of and education association, Willow Creek Association. He is the chairman as well as the founder of West Michigan Aviation Academy. West Michigan Aviation Academy is a tuition-free public school.


Dick DeVos is a very successful man and has had a very accomplished life beyond his charitable giving. From 1984-1990 he was the vice president of Amway Corporation and went on to become president and CEO until 1993. After that, he became solely the president until he moved on to another company. In the year 2002, he became the president of Windquest Group, where he still is the president. His career accomplishments have allowed him to give so generously to all the charitable foundations and causes he gives too.


Dick DeVos is highly involved in his philanthropy. He hopes that through his more than generous giving, that a real change can be made.

Entrepreneurial Tips From The Career Success of Hussain Sajwani

Many people are under the misconception that being an entrepreneur is easy- You get a lot of free time and you run on a flexible schedule, not to mention that all profits are yours only. But, contrary to this belief, entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted.

It requires that you be willing to sacrifice most of your free time to see your business flourish. It means risking the unknown and being ready to learn from your failure. If you are an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, here are some tips you can take from the career success of Hussain Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the riches Arabs in the world. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Damac properties, a company that concentrates in developing luxury properties. If you google him today, articles of his partnership with Donald Trump will pop up. So, how did he get to where he is today? Is it being born is a wealth family or is it self-accomplishment?

Well, if you know about the Hussain Sajwani family history, you know that he hails from a middle-class family. His father owned a watch shop in Dubai. Participating in the family business gave him the right exposure and his love for business was sparked.

When he relocated to the US for his Economics and Mechanical Engineering Education in Washington University, he decided to try his hand in business. He started selling time-share apartments and saved up.

Upon the completion of his studies, he landed a job with GASCO. He worked with the company from the beginning of the year 1981 to the end of the year 1982. He then quit his job and decided to risk entrepreneurship. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

His job as a contract manager had exposed him to wealthy contractors and he learnt that there was a lot of money to be earned in the service industry.

Upon quitting his job, he used his savings to start a catering business. The catering business was doing well and in no time, he had enough money to venture in the industry of his passion, the real estate industry. He started by building small hotels in Dubai.

One thing led to another and today he boasts of having sold over 17,000 homes. The Damac owner has made it in business, all because he followed his passion and was not afraid of failure.

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Bernardo Chua Makes A Name For Himself In The Network Marketing Industry

Bernardo Chua is a visionary businessman. He regarded as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Pacific Rim. The business leader has established himself in the health and wellness industry. Bernardo is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold.

He founded the company in 2008 after gaining extensive experience on the direct selling business model. In less than 10 years, the company has widened its area of operations. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

This way, he has been able to market his products to a wide client base, thus increasing his profitability margins. In 2013, Organo Gold was ranked as the 55th largest network marketing company globally. His company is one of the key beneficiaries of network marketing in the globe.

Organo Gold manufacturers a wide range of products, which are sold through its vast network of distributors. The products contain ganoderma lucidum, a significant herb that has healing properties. For many decades, Asians have been using the polypore mushroom for various purposes.

Bernardo Chua worked for Gano Excel Philippines. This direct selling company marketed ‘gano’ products. He founded the company with the help of Leow Soon Seng, the founder of Gano Excel Malaysia.

Chua’s visionary leadership saw the company expand its operations to the US, Canada, and Hong Kong in just three years. This success saw him become the president of Gano Excel USA in 2003.

In his previous positions, Chua has been able to develop critical skills such as marketing, management, networking, strategy, leadership, business planning, and entrepreneurship. Over the years, he has been able to draw from his vast experiences and skills to help the company achieve exponential growth.

Presently, Organo Gold operates in at least 35 countries, mainly in North America and Europe. One of the most recent countries where the company started operations is Singapore. It entered the market through its subsidiary, Organo Gold Singapore. Bernardo Chua is bilingual. He is fluent in both English and Filipino.

According to PR Newswire, Bernardo Chua’s exemplary business skills have been recognized by different organization. In 2014, he was presented with the Dangal ng Bavan Award. He also has a strong social media presence. His Facebook and Twitter accounts contain information on Organo Gold’s products and their health benefits.

With The Traveling Vineyard, You Will Be A Success

If you have ever wanted to get with a direct sales company that you can really prove yourself with, you will want to join up with The Traveling Vineyard. The Traveling Vineyard is a company that you can become a Wine Guide with. You will be able to do something that you enjoy doing, and you will meet fantastic people every step of the way.

With The Traveling Vineyard, you will have the benefits of the high exposure of their social media aspects. You can use this to attract a great customer base, so make sure that you know all of the different social media sites that they are involved with. You will also receive your own website to help you to spread the word about what you are doing.

You can set your own hours when you are a Wine Guide, and this will give so much freedom to enjoy the other parts of your life. You can also have your friends and family host wine tasting parties that will allow everyone to have fun and find the wines that they love the most. Everyone has a good time at these parties, and you can tell them about the opportunity, and possibly recruit them for your own team.

When you are with The Traveling Vineyard, you will have a team leader that will give you the help that you need. They are experienced, and they will have lots of great information and suggestions for you. Make sure that you utilize them to the fullest extent, and you will make a huge success of yourself with this company.