Asot Michael Reflects on His Time as a Member of Parliament

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party fielded Michael, an experienced and well-educated Antiguan who comes from a prominent Antiguan family. Although from an unassuming background, Asot Michael has become the face of the Antiguan opposition as a candidate for the 2018 general election. He is charismatic and is widely viewed as a breath of fresh air in the last year of Antigua and Barbuda’s post-election political crisis. A successful campaign by Asot Michael would definitely cause Antigua and Barbuda political observers to rethink their assumptions regarding the nation’s politics. Michael’s goal is to return the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party to power, and he may have an excellent chance to achieve his goal given the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s fractured structure.


Asot Michael has a simple family background. His father, Patrick Michael, was a wealthy entrepreneur and property developer and owned properties in Barbuda. His mother, Avelina Michael, is a nurse who went to university to study nursing in Barbados. Both worked in the West Indies, first in Trinidad before moving to St. Kitts. Avelina Michael was a business partner with her husband. They owned and managed a group of properties in Antigua, the largest being Asot Michael’s childhood home, 6 Wellington Terrace (LinkedIn).


In addition, Asot Michael spent his time there as a kid playing cricket with his father and neighbor and was often given opportunities to play golf, tennis and soccer. Asot Michael describes his family as a small and happy one. Michael’s father, who was also a politician, held various posts with the party for many years and managed to get elected as a mayor for a city council, a state ministry of health and a government ministry. Asot himself has been a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party since he was a teenager, and has been active in the party’s grassroots. Asot Michael began his political career in 1989, running unsuccessfully for a council seat in his hometown of St. John’s, Antigua. He served as a member of the party’s youth wing, as well as on the youth and social services committees in his hometown. His mission in Antigua and Barbuda includes modernizing the island’s infrastructure, positioning Antigua and Barbuda as a high-tech hub in the Caribbean, and helping local businesses grow, such as in the financial services and IT sectors.