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Bhanu Choudhrie: London’s Investor and Businessman

New Delhi gives rise to one of the world’s top-ranking entrepreneurs, investors, businesspeople, and philanthropists named Bhanu Choudhrie. Since Bhanu started venturing into business activities, he has remained at London’s top because of his ability to look for opportunities and bring them to life.

He has invested in aviation, hospitality, utility, banking, real estate, and aviation. Choudhrie’s entrepreneurial knowledge has contributed significantly to several firms’ success, including his own, the C & C Alpha Group.

Bhanu’s skills and knowledge in marketing were earned from the Boston campus School of business. He also went to Harvard Campus for an internship program in management. His first firm, C & C Alpha Group, was established in 2001. It started as a startup under Bhanu Choudhrie and has grown to a multinational firm because of well-qualified leaders and quality in service offerings. It is ranked as India’s and the Philippines’s best company.

The performance of Bhanu Choudhrie in business and entrepreneurship has led to being given the executive role in a number of US-based firms. He has worked in many government organizations and private firms. He has been given several awards for his contribution to entrepreneurship and philanthropy. His path to Success firm mainly founded to support women, has made his popularity increase to greater heights.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the idea of investment started as a family idea over three decades ago. They began by importing televisions and reselling them in India. He learned from his dad and also decided to take after him becoming an entrepreneur.

Bhanu starts his day on a high note, reading emails, phone messages and making plans for the day. He leaves his office at 6 pm and occasionally engages in physical exercises for body and mental fitness. During his leisure time, he avails time for the less fortunate, reading novels, relaxing, and socializing with his family members. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Facebook Page.

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