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ClassDojo Continues to Progress Creating a Better Educational Environment

ClassDojo is growing to become one of the most used classroom apps for teachers, students, and parents. Beginning as a simple educational tool that teachers can use to communicate with students, it now allows for teachers to be in contact with parents through messages, check to see if any students will be absent from school, and share videos and photos of the class.

The app also allows for teachers to set up a classroom rewards program that positively reinforces students for listening and participating. It can also inform students when the teacher feels they are being disruptive. Videos that teach the teachers about empathy and perseverance are also included in the app to help create a more inclusive learning environment.

Co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary created and advanced ClassDojo by interviewing over 20,000 educators for their opinion on the app and what additional tools would assist them. ClassDojo is used in over 90 percent of classrooms in the US for grades K-8 plus many classrooms around the globe.

The app is free, which has caused Don and Chaudhary to rethink how they meet the growing demand and be able to afford production. It didn’t seem ethical to add in-app purchases for teachers and students so efforts to create in-app purchases for parents are under development. If the parents can bring a little bit of the classroom into the home it helps alleviate the disconnect between parents and the school creating an educational environment in line with teaching strategies that have been evolving for decades.

Good news came when investors that checked into ClassDojo saw its potential and began putting money towards the venture. This has allowed for ClassDojo to continue competing in the educational app industry worth over $8 billion. The investments have allowed for more research and development, to continue asking educators for feedback, and also to work with educators from Ivy League schools to create new content.

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