Different Ways PosiGen is Helping the World

PosiGen is a company that has been around for over 20 years, helping the world with its solar energy and energy efficiency. They have helped people in different ways, from powering homes to saving schools’ money on utility bills. In this article, we will be talking about five different ways PosiGen is changing the world. PosiGen has been helping the state of Louisiana for over 20 years now. For example, they have helped power homes affected by hurricanes with renewable energy and enabled low-income families to go solar through a rebate program. At PosiGen, all their work is to make sure every family in Louisiana can save money on utility bills without any upfront costs or installation fees. Their latest project was putting up a 100-kilowatt rooftop system at Rosa F Yslas Elementary School which will help reduce utilities by 30%. 


This saves them $20,000 annually, which helps pay for more teachers! PosiGen’s website states, “We believe there are no barriers when it comes to providing access to clean energy.” With his mission in mind, they are helping people all around the world. PosiGen has also been able to power schools in Texas with their solar energy projects as well. A school that used to spend $20,000 on electricity annually is now saving more than half of that amount thanks to the PosiGen 20-kilowatt rooftop system! This saved money allows them to have teachers who focus exclusively on STEM education. Those students will be prepared for the jobs and careers of tomorrow, which will help our society become a better place one day at a time. Not only do these systems benefit those communities, but PosiGen makes sure it benefits everyone involved.


The benefits are also for workers, it includes local contractors who get steady work from this company and employees like electricians or engineers. Up to now, PosiGen solar power company is also making its mark in the state of Texas. PosiGen helped power a gym with solar energy that sees more than 200 students daily! This means it has become an environmentally-friendly space where kids can be active instead of sitting inside watching TV all day long. Since hiring PosiGen, the school’s bills have been lowered by $30,000 annually, which allows them to hire two new teachers or buy supplies for classrooms at no additional cost whatsoever. All these projects are made possible thanks to people like you who want change and believe everyone deserves access to clean energy without having any upfront costs or installation fees involved. 

With this mission in mind, they are changing the world together, one project at a time! As mentioned earlier, not only has PosiGen helped homes and schools, but they have also been able to help churches. One of them is a Texas church with an old roof that was leaking water every time it rained! PosiGen leaders found out about their leakage issues. That meant parishioners at the Texas Church were not only out of luck during these storms, but the ceiling would leak onto their Bibles, hymnals, prayer books, and other items used for religious services each week! However, after installing solar panels on this church’s rooftop, there are no more leaks or drenched materials thanks to clean energy from the sun! Not only does this system save money over 20 years by producing electricity instead of buying it from another source like coal plants, but it has also opened up new opportunities for those who come here regularly.