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How Citizen App Keeps You Safe During Weather Emergencies

Knowing where you should be, or where you shouldn’t be, during a weather emergency can save your life. The good news is that Citizen App has now introduced a new feature that will alter users to dangerous weather conditions that could threaten their safety. They’ve partnered with the National Weather Service (NWS) to deliver severe weather alerts to Citizen users in real-time.

This is more than a mere weather report as it will focus on giving users information that is immediately actionable such as seeking shelter, staying inside, or avoiding certain areas. The goal behind these new features is to help save lives, and give people greater reassurance when it comes to extreme weather conditions.

Helping Each Other with User Updates

One of the most standout features of the new weather alerts on the Citizen App is the fact that users will be able to upload and post their information. This will create a system in which information on a severe weather situation can be shared more quickly than normal thanks to the network of users.

Faster Weather Reporting

It should also be mentioned that the main source of the App’s weather data is the National Weather Service. This will allow the app to provide its users with accurate weather information much faster than traditional means of weather reporting. During emergencies such as tornadoes, flash floods, or hurricanes, this kind of service by Citizen App can help save lives by providing accurate weather mapping and highlighted areas that should be avoided at all costs.

Nationwide Instant Alerts

Currently, most of Citizen App’s weather reporting features only work in its service areas. However, its instant alerts feature is now available nationwide. This allows users to get alerts regardless of their location, and make smart decisions based on those alerts. As Citizen App continues to grow and expand, it will be made available in larger areas so that more people can take advantage of its services. Read this article to learn more.


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