How Richard DeVaul Redefines Technology

Through his experience as an organizational innovation consultant, Richard DeVaul has met with clueless CEOs. They equated innovation with creation which is wrong since they are different subjects.

Richard DeVaul stated true innovation is achieved with a complete disruption of the existing order of things, making it hard to achieve innovation. Innovation does not guarantee safety from disruptive changes. Since it’s hard to evade innovation, businesses should be prepared to use this knowledge to build the right strategies for them. If there is innovation, enterprises are bound to either drive it, react to it, or be overwhelmed by it.

It’s difficult for an organization to undergo innovation without experiencing radical change. To fully get behind innovation, an organization must be ready for the incurred cost. However, most businesses seek incremental improvement, which doesn’t disrupt the status quo but brings forth profits.

Though companies operate for decades using comprehensive strategies eventually, they’ll have to face disruption since there is always an invention taking place. Innovation is a speculative bet on something unproven, which can be costly to a business. Thoughtful and strategic defensive innovation can bring value. Several factors must be considered and planned before fully embracing innovation. Visit this page for additional information.

About Richard DeVaul

Richard is a graduate of MIT Media Lab, co-founder, and he is the Head of Venture Productions at Kei Ventures. a qualified research scientist and innovation expert with years of experience in operations and engineering. Throughout his career, he started and led projects that brought in billions of dollars of enterprise value at X, formerly Google X. he has acquired practical communication skills, strongly applied physics, and mathematics background. DeVaul is an inventor who has been issued with over 70 US patents.

Additionally, DeVaul has peer-reviewed publications which have been used across the board, from the academic to the corporate world. His motive is to ensure people understand innovation leadership and culture to establish exact value for a business.


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