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How Tim Murawski is Working Tirelessly to Give Surgeons an Easier Life

Tim Murawski is an established serial entrepreneur born and bred in Chicago. He attended the University of Western Illinois for his tertiary education and graduated with an operations management degree. Since passion is the element that guides a person’s career growth, he changed his outstanding management career to join sales which was his entry point to the medical profession. Successful leader businessman Tim Murawski believes that medical specialists must be provided with modern technology equipment to provide better services to clients.


Throughout his career, Tim Murawski has been working tirelessly with some of the top companies in the United States to avail of standard equipment for doctors. He began his career at Baxter International, where his primary role was to manage needleless IV products that were highly sought after to prevent medical professionals from contracting HIV/AIDS from their patients. From there, Tim Murawski landed a job at Intuitive Surgical in 2000. Initially, Tim joined the organization as account personnel, but his skills quickly elevated him through positions to becoming the sales director. Other companies that he has represented include General Surgical Innovations, Mazor Robotics, and Hansen Medical.

Currently, businessman and entrepreneur Tim Murawski serves as a leader at Augmedics, a Chicago-based firm. The firm specializes in revolutionizing technology to make surgical operations accurate and easier. The company is currently working on a new technology referred to as the Xvision Spine System. With this technology, Tim Murawski explains, surgeons can easily pinpoint where the problem lies in a patient when performing surgery. Tim believes that it is disappointing for surgeons to give their best when performing operations only to get the results they were not expecting. With 3D technology like Xvision, who knows what the future holds. Tim Murawski is definitely on his toes.

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