IM Academy, The Global Leader In Online-Based Foreign Exchange Training

The New York-based IM Academy deals in digital learning resources that focus on equipping learners with skills and knowledge on foreign exchange training. The company was established by Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry in 2013 to facilitate hands-on training to customers imparting practical skills relevant to their professional trading. IM Academy adopted an online-based approach to provide its services and product to customers globally.

Since its inception, IM Academy signs up students on a subscription basis, giving them access to pre-recorded educational resources via the website and IM app on their mobile devices. Over the years, the company has sourced qualified and talented experts with the knowledge and adeptness in foreign exchange trading who offer training to students remotely regardless of their geographical location.

IM Academy academies are subdivided into four distinct learning segments. FRX academy enables new students to comprehend the nitty-gritty of foreign currency exchange. The module encompasses 76 pre-recorded videos that are accessible to active students. ECX academy delivers the fundamentals of eCommerce and how to establish a startup enterprise online and is backed by 450 pre-recorded videos. HFX academy educates on high-frequency exchange. The module is inclusive of 95 videos. DCX academy focuses on digital currency exchange, and students have access to 25 pre-recorded videos.

Though the academies can be acquired separately, the IM Academy has created an Elite package encompassing HFX, FRX, and DCX academies. The beginners acquiring the package receive a 54% discounted rate and 48% for subsequent monthly access. IM Educators engage students on the GoLive, which are live sessions, and students can conduct discussions and ask questions regarding the day’s topic.

The GoLive sessions are accessed in 13 languages on various days and times, allowing students in different time zones to participate in the sessions. Also, the live sessions are recorded and uploaded on the IM platforms with a download capability for future reference. IM prides over 225,000 active customers. Go to this page for additional information.


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