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How Dick DeVos Wants To Change The Educational System

Charitable giving is something that everyone knows is a great thing to do. Although we know how important and good it is to do, so few people actually do it. Whether it’s through giving money or time, getting involved in charitable work and philanthropic work, so rarely happens. Dick DeVos is shattering that statement by having donated over $139 million dollars and investing time in charitable work over the course of his life. With the help of his wife, Betsey DeVos, Dick DeVos has been able to give a large amount of money to help other people.


A main focus for Dick DeVos in his charitable giving is education. He has spent a good portion of his charitable giving on educational causes. In 2015 he spent over 20% of his charitable giving just on educational charities. Dick DeVos wants to change the fact that kids in certain areas of the country cannot receive the same level of education as other children. He wants to create resources that allow all children to have the same educational opportunities as others. Through his charitable giving, he hopes to be able to change education so that all children receive the same opportunities.


Dick DeVos realizes that not all children learn the same way. He also realizes that schools are designed to cater to the mass majority, which means some children can get left behind and their education can suffer. A goal of Dick DeVos is that through his giving and investment in education there can be a change made. This change would mean that all children can be helped and taught effectively. Dick DeVos knows that the teachers and people involved in this system are doing an amazing and hard job, but he dos belief that more can be done.


Although it is obvious through his giving that he has made education important, it goes far beyond just money. Dick DeVos is the vice-chairman of and education association, Willow Creek Association. He is the chairman as well as the founder of West Michigan Aviation Academy. West Michigan Aviation Academy is a tuition-free public school.


Dick DeVos is a very successful man and has had a very accomplished life beyond his charitable giving. From 1984-1990 he was the vice president of Amway Corporation and went on to become president and CEO until 1993. After that, he became solely the president until he moved on to another company. In the year 2002, he became the president of Windquest Group, where he still is the president. His career accomplishments have allowed him to give so generously to all the charitable foundations and causes he gives too.


Dick DeVos is highly involved in his philanthropy. He hopes that through his more than generous giving, that a real change can be made.