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How Talk Fusion Set The Online Chatting Trend With The Launch Of Video Chat I 2016

Talk Fusion is the world’s top innovator of video marketing. The firm which began operating in 2007, has become the best provider for the video marketing platform for businesses in more than 140 nations. The firm recently launched an All-In-One Video Marketing Solution application software available for tablets and phones on android and apple devices. The app allows users to have live chats with connects who could be prospective business partners and customers. The All In One Video app is available for free use on the trial version which is available in all their regional spots worldwide. Talk Fusion uses a person to person marketing scheme that employs independent marketers to distribute the app. Talk Fusion is the genius idea of entrepreneur Bob Reina who has consistently proven his expertise in leading startup corporations to international reigns. Learn more:


In 2016, Talk Fusion’s app Video Chat afforded the firm an award from Technology Marketing Corporation, a revered awarding platform. The award recognized the app for leading among other communications products in its field by quality of data transfer, voice and video communication. TMC particularly noted the massive improvement of the app within twelve months since its launch, stating that Talk Fusion was a trend setter in the software tech world.


The chief executive officer of TMC Rich Tehrani explained that Talk Fusion displayed remarkable leadership skills and an innovative sprit that was unmatched by competitors. He expressed his enthusiasm in playing a part in honoring the best product of the year, stating that the software are true industry revolutions. Talk Fusion received the award for the second time from TMC in 2016 on that event.


Video Chat allows live communication among subscribers from anywhere in the world. It is available on iTunes and Google and compatible with tablets, phones and desktops. Since the launch of the app’s first version in March 2016, Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina was confident that it would perform impeccable in the market. He explained that the firm’s tech team has an endearing spirit dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. The CTO Ryan echoed his perception and added that Talk Fusion is set to release more powerful products in the future. Learn more: