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Daniel Mark Harrison Opens New Gates for Monkey Capital

Monkey Capital, one of the best known block chain funding firms that invest in SpaceX contracting in the USA has been planning its upcoming ICO for quite some time now and all looks set for an impressive performance. The company has now got the market all exited and jumpy as it continues forging straight ahead to become the first ICO in history that was able to successfully sell pre-ICO options.

The man behind the success and growth that Monkey Capital has been enjoying in recent times is Daniel Mark Harrison. Described as a journalist, author, speaker, businessman, and technology enthusiast, Daniel Mark Harrison took over as the Managing Partner at Monkey Capital in March 2016 and has held this position ever since. The new ICO that the company is planning was conceived, planned and is being implemented under his direction as the man in charge. Speaking to journalists about the ICO, Daniel indicated that they were still holding it off for a while so that they could give the buyers enough time for them to subscribe to Monkey Capital. At the ICO, buyers with special COVEAL tokens will be able to buy any MNY tokens being sold at the action for a fraction of the selling price.
Daniel Mark Harrison’s passion for business dates back more than three decades after he graduated from BI Norwegian Business School with a Masters of Business Administration. Interestingly, he had not studied business but had studied theology at Oxford University from where he graduated with a BA in theology. During the same period he also studied for and obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Journalism from the prestigious New York University. It is these unique skills and experience that led him to take charge at DMH & Coin October 2015 when he became Chairman and President of the company. DMH &CO, or Daniel Mark Harrison & Company if you prefer, is a family owned company whose sole purpose is to look after, protect and grow the assets that belong to the family. It has strategic offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok and is also one of the most reputable fully-owned investment companies in the world.