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Louis Chênevert at His Best

Louis Chênevert is one of the people who don’t believe in faith and always motivate young upcoming entrepreneurs to always work hard and enable them to make it in their lives. His strong commitment and determination enabled him to be known all over the world hence he was able to help also other top organization. Chenevert graduated from HEC Montreal and attained a bachelor of commerce degree in production management. Pratt & Whitney is one of the organization that he is the president and also he was the Chief Operating Officer and the president at UTC in the year 2006. Chenevert was able to make these organization to develop and be successful. He as well was able to to be chosen the president of Pratt & Whitney in the year 1996 because of the effort he put through and also he worked at the organization for 6 years. The organization is situated in Canada but they were able to expand their services to all part of the country and a lot of people easily received their services. The main role that he did was always to ensure that their staff members always carry out each task they are given daily.

Furthermore, he has worked for different organizations whereby he has made them be successful and recognized all over the world. General Motors is one of the organization that he was able to make it prosper and he worked there for 14 years. Another organization is United Technologies Corp whereby he was the CEO but later on he retired. In the year 2011 and 2012, he also served in The Business Council and also the Vice Chairman of Executive Committee. Goldman Sachs was also the largest organization that Counselor Merchant Banking Division. His main work was to search and get new aerospace and furthermore manage the organization and ensure that the staff members always attend to their clients.