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Fabletics: Changing The Tone Of The Athleisure Industry

Fabletics has been making quite an impact on the athleisure industry ever since it came onto the scene. The brand was established in 2013 and was the brainchild of Kate Hudson, who formed the label in association with her business partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The three of them, put together, are the holy trinity of fashion brands, which is why Fabeltics has turned out to be so successful in such a short period. Fabletics is one of those few brands that has made the best use of technology to help improve the kind of work they do and the products that they put out. When a customer logs onto the Fabletics site for the first then, he or she is asked a few questions that help the site gauge what options their customers would like to see. The brand integrates some of the best AI so that they can understand their customers better. This has also helped the brand understand the trends that people are following when they come to Fabletics and has helped them implementing more and more improvements to help the brand develop further in the industry.


Fabletics is one of the few fashion brands on the market operating through a membership program. People who want to buy the clothing that Fabeltics has to have to sign up and subscribe to one of the plans that they have in place. Thereon, they will receive sets of clothing every month as per what plan they have selected. The plans vary in number and costs, so customers can choose one that suits them the best. Fabeltics has always tried to set themselves apart from the competition, and by doing this, have managed to give customers something that they are otherwise not familiar with. The membership plan has worked out to be extremely convenient for customers who want to receive sets of clothing every month but usually do not have the time to browse through hundreds of products just to find one item that they like. The entire process of shopping online has gotten more streamlined, which is also why so many people are switching to Fabeltics for their active and leisurewear needs.


The brand also has its own set of retail stores which it operates out of. Unlike most brands who make their stores in such a way that people are enticed to buy everything, the store acts as a supplement to the online website that currently exists. People can come to the store and try out all the styles that they see online, and can then go home and buy them when they want to. This has helped convert a lot of people who otherwise are not comfortable with shopping online. Using some of the best tracking and logistics technology, the brand tries always to make sure that only those options that are available in store are shown online. This is so that their customers never have to be disappointed about not finding a product in the store that they like.