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History of Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz has done great things since his time as the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of National Steel Car. James Aziz originally joined the company in 1994 after successfully completing a deal to buy the company back as a Canadian entity. When this deal was complete, National Steel Car became the largest manufacturer of railroad freight car in all of North America. It also moved the company leaps and bounds to gain mass market share and become a true global player in the industry. It has remained a consistent leader ever since.


Greg Aziz’s Work History

Prior to working with National Steel Car, Gregory J. Aziz worked with his family’s business. His family owns a wholesale distribution company of fresh foods. The company is called Affiliated Foods. It started out as a regional company. Gregory James Aziz joined the company after graduating college and immediately put his business talents to work. He put the company into full-scale expansion mode and in just over a decade Affiliated Foods became a distributor with major global reach. After leaving his family’s company, Mr. Aziz went on to have a successful career in investment banking in New York City.


National Steel Car: A History of Giving Back

National Steel Car has always been proud of its heritage in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has been a major player and job provider in Ontario for over 100 years. National Steel Car is always looking to play its part in keeping Hamilton a great place to live, work and play. Because of this commitment, the company is always looking to give back to its community.


Every Christmas National Steel car holds a Christmas party for the local community. All past and present employees are invited. The families of employees are also invited. Due to the fact that National Steel Car is such a large employer of people in Hamilton, the annual event serves as a type of holiday reunion for the majority of the town. This is a wonderful way for people to gather and connect each year.


Additionally, National Steel Car is also a proud sponsor of many local charities and non-profits. The company sponsors the Hamilton Opera, the local Salvation Army and United Way each year. Employees also hold annual food drives for food banks in town. Personally, Mr. Aziz and his family support Canada’s largest agricultural fair each year.


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