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National Steel Car on the Top Again Because of Owner Gregory Aziz

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National Steel Car is among the top manufacturers of railroad transportation cars in Canada. The company has been a leader in its line of work many times, and even though it has been down on a few occasions, National Steel Car has always managed to come up for air even in the hardest of times. […]

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Education and Political Donors-Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation

The DeVos family has been known not only for their political contributions but also for their philanthropic and charitable contributions in the United States of America. In 1989 the family established a foundation; Dick DeVos Family Foundation and through the foundation they have been at the forefront of assisting other non-profit organization in a variety […]

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How Dick DeVos Wants To Change The Educational System

Charitable giving is something that everyone knows is a great thing to do. Although we know how important and good it is to do, so few people actually do it. Whether it’s through giving money or time, getting involved in charitable work and philanthropic work, so rarely happens. Dick DeVos is shattering that statement by […]

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