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Jason Hope, Anti-Aging Expert

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist whose interest in stem cell research has peaked throughout the years. He supports it and donates to the efforts of scientists and medical professionals. Early stem cell research proved positive, but the move forward has been slow, especially in relation to longevity (Openthenews).


Jason Hope


More than 20 years ago embryonic stem cells were used to grow new cells in laboratories. New cells would be used to replace dying cells in patients with various diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzeimer’s disease. While stem cell research seemed to be the answer for these patients, it hasn’t worked, only in patients who have diseases of the blood. Scientists and doctors were successful in growing a donor’s blood cells to treat various blood disorders. Jason Hope is an expert in longevity and believes that there is a need for more extensive research so that patients can benefit from regenerated stem cells. 


He hopes that with continued research, we will see anti-aging benefits using stem cell therapy. His contributions to SENS, a research organization, will see a breakthrough so that patients with degenerative diseases will enjoy a better quality of life.  As time goes on, scientists from the successful  SENS Foundation are using embryonic stem cells for patients who are having retina transplants, and additional research is being done using stem cell therapy for patients with Macular generation. The results do appear to be promising. Scientists and medical professionals are also focusing on the prevention of Parkinson’s disease rather than treating the symptoms as the disease progresses.

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