Juan Monteverde, a Legal Career Based on Passion and Strong Work Ethic

New York residents are lucky to have Juan Monteverde as an attorney in their area. This award-winning attorney has so much relevance in the New York legal field and even the larger US. Before founding Monteverde & Associates PC, Mr Monteverde spent time perfecting his legal knowledge and various skills to provide his clients’ world-class services. Finally, once Mr Monteverde set up his firm, he made it a customer-centric law firm whereby clients are given top-class services and priority. For this reason, his services are the most sought after, especially in class action matters and securities.

Creating online presence

Just like a majority of law firms today, online presence is significant. Therefore, Juan Monteverde has also invested in the creation of a website as a way of gaining clients from online platforms. One fact about the Monteverde & Associates PC website is that Juan Monteverde is the brains behind the website. Through the programming skills he took the time to learn, he has been able to build a reputable website. While it could have been easy to delegate the website development tasks. Juan Monteverde is an individual always ready for new challenges, which is why he took up programming classes.

Work ethics

What places Juan Monteverde above most attorneys is the work ethics he presents. Litigation, one of the areas in which Mr Monteverde specializes, is a demanding legal practice. The deadlines are very strict, and to meet these deadlines, one has to be very strict on productivity. When dealing with shareholder and merger disputes, he pays great attention to the actions of the board. His ultimate goal is to ensure that the decisions arrived at are fair to his clients, and that fairness is achieved. Despite such cases requiring most of his time, he chooses to focus on the results and not the hours spent.

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