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QNET- Leading Direct Selling Company Worldwide

QNET is among multinational e-commerce based direct selling corporations serving clients across the world with unique, high-quality products and services, access to leading consumer, health and wellness, and personal care brands through an advanced global online platform.

QNET was established in December of 1994 by its co-founders Mr. Vijay Eswaran (Vijay) and Dr. Francis Loh (Frank), who have created a company with over 500 employees worldwide, 16 regional offices on three different continents, and dozens of warehouses to facilitate the growing network of independent Representatives who make up the QNET distribution channel.

QNET today has grown into a multifaceted corporation more than twenty years later, offering global exports worth over US$60 Million, a strong online presence with millions of visitors annually to their website from all over the world, and a continuously growing number of Representatives who make up their distribution channel.

In 2016 QNET India was ranked as one of the top 100 most valuable e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia on a list that Forbes Magazine published. In 2017 QNET India were also featured on another list – this time it was Asian Business Review’s Top 500 Largest Private Companies – which saw them rise 24 places from 2016. QNET has continued to uphold its title as an industry leader worldwide.

Businesses at QNET run it entirely on the efforts of the individual Representatives. This means you need to be prepared for long hours of hard work if you want your business with us to succeed. Unlike most companies out there, where your income is limited by how much product you can sell in a day or month, QNET allows you to earn a commission on every product you sell. The more products ordered by your customers, the more income you can potentially earn.

Many people from different parts of the world had been making lots of money from QNET. This includes countries like Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and many more. In this article, we will focus on one particular country, Malaysia. See related link for more information.


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