Robert Kraft’s Intentions To Make Gillette Stadium The Next World Cup Host

Robert Kraft took over the New England Patriots affairs in 1994 and ensured a unique grass turf was fitted at Foxboro Stadium. The endeavor was to enlist it in World Cup games.

Robert Kraft has similar targets with the forthcoming 2026 World Cup matches, where he proposes Gillette Stadium to be one of the hosts. The proposal has already been forwarded to FIFA agents who united with Kraft as well as Brian Bilello.

Revolution’s president for an exclusive stadium tour on Wednesday morning. The stadium executives claimed that the synthetic surface would be eliminated and the irrigation system will be reintroduced. Also, more field width will be accomplished because there are rumors that sideline seats might be scrapped off.

If Gillette Stadium hosts six matches, then it will be a successful project. The games are subdivided into four initial stage matches plus two knockout outings. This happened in 1994 at Foxboro Stadium, games attended by about 324,000 fans.

The 1994 culmination was the successive Argentina victories, where Diego Maradona featured for the last time for his country and was suspended for getting a positive test after consuming a banned item. Also, Italy’s triumphs over Nigeria as well as Spain are worth highlighting.

Towards 2026, infrastructure improvement will be dear, something justifiable by the exposure, prestige, and expected revenue with bigger TV audiences that give millions of money per match. Out of the 17 confirmed US stadiums, Gillette is among them, and it might go up to the last 11 after further assessment. Go to this page for more information.

About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is a Brookline native who even went to the local elementary public schools before getting a scholarship to join Columbia University. Kraft graduated in 1963 and moved on to Harvard Business College for an MBA. In 1968, Robert initiated a packaging company and International Forest Products in 1972.


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