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The Online Trading Academy and Peter Swan Adapt New Research Methodologies

An article was published on the TechBullion website on May 7, 2021. The article is about Online Trading Academy and Professor Peter Swan.

The article starts by mentioning how important proper research is when the general population is looking to invest in the market. With research being the emphasis of the article, it mentions that the Online Trading Academy is very experienced in researching certain segments of the market. The article mentions how the Online Trading Academy has helped teach over 80,000 students over the past 20 years. The intro of the article ends by the unique research methods that Peter Swan and the OTA Research Center is utilizing.

The article then includes quotes from Peter Swan on the research methods that he has been using. These quotes from Peter Swan include him mentioning the Calendar-Time (C-T) research method. Swan believes that the notion of investors wanting a specific number of returns within a time frame is irrelevant. Instead, his research is more geared towards the price that investors buy-in at, and the potential selling price. He mentions that this method he uses goes by the name of Holding Period Invariant (HPI).

The article then mentions that uneducated investors can often be swayed by the media, and research that is deemed popular. It mentions that the investors at the Online Trading Academy that have educated themselves on multiple research methods, are not swayed by these popular media research.

The article ends by giving some additional information about the Online Trading Academy. It mentions that the Online Trading Academy is one of the leaders in financial education, and that their methodologies help individuals make smarter investment decisions. It mentions that the academy is based out of Irvine, California, and that it is ideal for beginning/novice traders. It also mentions that the Online Trading Academy’s satisfaction rating from graduated students is over 90%.

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