Tom S Chang MD Talks About How to Deal with Dilation

Are you looking for quality eye care services? Then you should try out Acuity Eye Group by Tom S Chang MD. Over the years, Tom S Chang MD has treated numerous patients, and he has seen the need to ensure that the atmosphere during an eye exam is conducive without long waits and dilation. Also, at Acuity Eye Group, booking an appointment won’t be a major issue. The main reason why the eye care expert Tom S Chang MD has come up with such initiatives is to ensure that people with eye-related problems get the assistance they need within a short period without inconveniences. 


All this is possible through innovative forms of technology. Tom Chang has come up with a minimally invasive technique that helps to ensure the diagnostics are accurate. The results are similar to what a traditional eye dilation can obtain. The only difference is that the technique by Tom S Chang MD takes less time. Patients can now visit Acuity Eye Group for an eye exam, and they can get their results in less than 30 minutes. Besides being a surgeon, Tom S Chang MD is also an educator. 

He has published numerous journals and issued more than 120 lectures globally with the sole aim of improving patient and vision care. One of the areas Tom S Chang MD is currently focusing on is conditions that threaten your vision and macular degeneration. Tom S Chang MD also offers some tips that help patients to improve their eye health. Also, he has managed to ensure the diagnostics process is more effective. By looking into how Tom S Chang MD has managed to do away with dilation, we understand the importance of innovative technology in the healthcare industry.